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Esther Koh 

I love to watch anime, read manga and gaming plays a BIG part in my life. I fantasize in anime characters alot, and I love everything Japanese. ❤

I'm lazy till the extent its ridiculous, and my mindset would be the greatest downfall in my life. I need a brain change. =D

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    Yuri: Angel Beats! 1/8 Goodsmile Figure Review.   Permalink
    Thursday, July 28, 2011


    Jang jang jang jang!

    Will be doing a mini review on this Yuri figure from the anime "Angel Beats!" for today. If I remember correctly, this figure was considered relatively cheap compared to other Goodsmile Company figures because they are using a new method to sculpt these figures.

    Apparently it's somewhat like making a model with a 3D program, and then use a 3D printer to produce it.


    It's a well made figure nonetheless.


    I like how the paint job was done but I think the face is a little... weird? Or maybe it's just me? Yuri looks too default. Like there isn't any details worth being given an extra mention. I'm not a fan of her lips though, I think it's kinda half-arsed.

    Not sure how to describe half-arsed. Like... nowhere near good nor is it that bad?


    Me loves her gun~! Look at the shiny, metallic appearance! Don't you think it's so cool to see a Japanese schoolgirl (although only the lower part of her body) holding a gun?!! So life-like too. I am starting to appreciate my twisted photography skills. *wink wink*


    Even though it wasn't sculpted and was done by technology, I think it's still pretty close to a good job because there are some figures out there in the market that are sculpted,

    So with a lower price, you get a well made figure as well! Let's just try not to complain too much and be contented with a half arsed lip Yuri.


    There were controversy with regards to her limbs, with it not looking proportionate or generally just strange. I thought it seems to be the case too but the more you look at it, the more you find it looks normal. Besides, it's not sculpted, which also means in the first place the prototype that they used for the 3D program is unproportionate too?

    I THINK? (Since I'm not very well versed in graphics knowledge so I'd better put a question mark in front) ^^;

    Angle plays an important part too actually. So it will still look great if you know how to do it right!


    Which side do you belong to?


    I might do injustice to some figures that I have if I don't do a "particular something", so I'm going to pick up a new law when I take pictures of my figures. It's a must-have in my folder on my laptop now.



    .....I am turning into a pervert.

    Esther appeared at
    5:10 PM

    I am at my limit.   Permalink



    *Hits chest repeatedly while puking out blood*

    Esther appeared at
    1:18 PM

    I'll blog tomorrow! ..... Or later.   Permalink
    Wednesday, July 27, 2011


    Needs to do some tweaking of some work I have on hand, and then write a reply letter back to Yuka-chan, and then watch my anime.

    Oh yeah, I bought another One Piece and Evangelion shirts from UNIQLO again! Still contemplating whether I should go back and buy the Gundam one. I didn't watch Gundam so it's not a must, just that I already have 2 Gundam shirts anyway and I saw some nice ones at UNIQLO last week.

    By the way, did you guys saw the recent Wonderfes items?!!!

    All the awesome characters that I want is in freaking NENDOROID FORM!! Y U NO SCULPT PVC??!!

    Esther appeared at
    8:51 AM

    A suicide/murder case near me.   Permalink
    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Another dead body has been found in a reservoir in Singapore -- this time in Lower Seletar.

    Believed to be that of an elderly Chinese man, the body was discovered on Saturday afternoon, and police were alerted to it at 3:15pm, reported The Straits Times.

    Police and paramedics arrived at the scene at about 3:30pm, and Yahoo! Singapore understands that the body was found floating near the park's Family Bay.

    The man was pronounced dead at 3:50pm, and his belongings were believed to have been found on the river bank near where he was found.

    Police have classified the incident as an unnatural death, although no foul play is suspected. Investigations are ongoing." -Taken from SGYahooNews

    This should have nothing to do with me... but the body was found on Saturday afternoon. I was at that reservoir on Friday night and Saturday morning. .__.

    To think there was a dead body floating near me. AND I EVEN TOOK A PICTURE OF THE RESEVOIR AT NIGHT WITHOUT KNOWING!! But no problems because I've already checked for supernatural ghostly figures on my photo. There's none. Good.

    Esther appeared at
    5:37 PM

    My butt will be fatter than my cheeks.   Permalink
    Sunday, July 24, 2011


    Went overnight cycling on Friday night! Probably the last time we're renting bikes at Bishan Park since the shop is closing next month. We traveled much further than the previous time and it was.... awesomely tiring. I now have a fatter aching butt.

    Here's the route that we took:

    Bishan -> Ang Mo Kio -> Yio Chu Kang -> Khatib -> Yishun -> Sembawang

    then on Saturday morning:

    Sembawang -> Yishun -> Khatib -> Yio Chu Kang -> Ang Mo Kio -> Bishan

    Lower Seletar Reservoir was extremely chilly, almost similar to what I experienced in Japan (it was that bad, am shocked too). It was reallyyyyy cold and cycling near the waters certainly did not make me any warmer, since the breeze gets to you while you're speeding against the wind direction.

    Anyway, I just finished Blood C Episode 3.

    Even though it's by CLAMP, but I don't think it lived up to my expectations although it's still too early to say. I thought it might be something similar to Blood+.

    I really liked Blood+ because it was the first few anime that left me emotionally affected when it comes to Saya and Diva's relationship, and how they ended the series. If you guys haven't watched Blood+, you should.

    Esther appeared at
    1:25 AM

    I am getting delusional. Not good.   Permalink
    Thursday, July 21, 2011


    Had dinner with Amos yesterday night.
    Walked home from Serangoon to Ang Mo Kio.
    Got partially lost because we ended up at somewhere strange.
    Fell down at the playground while climbing the spider web.
    Knees are injured and I'm in pain.
    Might have hit my brain too.

    And after that I went in a convenience store nearby just to buy an instant braised egg that lazy people buy to go with their cup noodles instead of cooking the eggs themselves. The cashier must have thought I was trying to be funny, because I didn't buy any cup noodles. I just bought that one egg. egg.

    The reason why I think I might have injured my brain after falling down is because yesterday, I suddenly thought that my voice turned feminine. Not true. Then today, I found my fat face cute, which is ABSURD because I would NEVER think like that. The most hated part of myself would be my face fat and I suddenly thought it.. was... cute?!!! NO WAYYYYYY.

    Maybe tomorrow I will think I have a sexy figure.


    Esther appeared at
    2:42 PM

    Malaysia just for A&W!   Permalink
    Tuesday, July 19, 2011


    Our main purpose for going into Malaysia this time round is to have A&W, a fast food chain that became extinct in Singapore many years ago.

    I remembered Mom used to bring my brother and I to the outlet in Ang Mo Kio when we were very young, and we loved the root beer float and the curly fries. I can't remember the rest of the menu until I had it last week. ( ̄~ ̄;)


    I don't get they don't have outlets in Singapore anymore.






    And the long awaited...................... ROOT BEER!!


    But it's in a paper cup! *slaps forehead*

    It seems like they don't serve root beer in a frosted mug anymore (even though they still use mugs to portray their root beers -_- cheaters). Maybe many customers tend to break their mugs or even steal them home?!! Or maybe they are just plain cheapskate and decided to switch to paper cups to save cost.

    Root beer just don't taste that awesome without frosted mugs!


    They did offer an alternative though. Buy their mug at 7.90RM and you can pour your own root beer in the mug yourselves at the comfort of your own home.


    It's quite small though, I think the ones they used to serve the root beers with are much bigger. And it's not as heavy as you think it is.


    One regret that we all had was the disappearance of the legendary A&W waffles! Unfortunately for us, it seems like they don't have waffles that particular week. WAIII OH WAIII!!! That means our quest are only 3/4 completed! We have not entirely conquered the mission yet!





    Walked around Jusco and Kenny found a box of nostalgic chocolate biscuits. I don't think this can be found in Singapore anymore as well, and back in the old days, I think they were selling this at about 50¢? It comes with a plastic toy inside the box too.


    However even after so many years, the chocolate still tastes awful. =3=

    We also tried the Macdonalds' lime flavored Mac Flurry.



    Looks disgusting but it's tastes alright, I kind of like the lime jelly they put in the ice cream.

    Lastly, one regret that I had for that day?

    I forgot to take narcissistic pictures of myself throughout the whole trip. Can't show you all how cool I am that day. Tsk.

    Esther appeared at
    5:29 PM

    The Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011.   Permalink
    Monday, July 18, 2011


    "The Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011 event in Singapore is set to be the hottest battle in town ever! Watch 6 best Ramen Chefs battle it out at Iluma Bugis Level 4 to be crown the Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011!"

    And so after reading up on the different ramen, we were on our way towards Iluma to try out authentic ramen by infamous names. It will be a one year contest and the final winner will be given an opportunity to open a chain in Singapore!


    We were ready to take on every single ramen available but looks like 2 ramen, namely Menya Iroha and Bario were sold out! Nooossssss!!












    I voted for Tetsu!

    It's a kind of ramen where you dip your noodles in the gravy and eat. The method of eating is quite similar to soba but the gravy is awesome! It's thick, salty and just perfect for my preference for saltiness.

    We have 6 people that day, 3 of us liked Tetsu, 3 of us like Taishoken.

    We will definitely go back to try the other 2 ramen that we missed out last week. But for now, my favourite's Tetsu! Shall not comment much about the taste of each, you have to check it out yourselves. ;)

    Hopefully my next entry is either an "Angel Beats!" figure review or my Malaysia trip just for the sake of having A&W.

    Just a little bit of information for foreign readers: A&W is already extinct in Singapore. The nearest country that has it is Malaysia!


    Esther appeared at
    2:31 PM